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     My Skills


                 •  Projection Design

                     Large Scale and smal Scale Video Design 


                  •  Lighting Design

                      Large Scale to small events, theater / dance

                     and Special Events.


                  •  Content Design

                      Software: Cinema 4D, Creative Cloud 

                      2D and 3D animation.


                  •  Technical Drawing

                      Software: Vectorworks


                  •  Projection Systems

                      Modulo PI

                      Watchout system.


                  •  Technical Director / Production Manager

                      Large to small events.


                  •  Graphics design

                      Printing and other arts for business uses.


..."I have a unique blend of skills".

….I’m from France. I bring a universal experience to Australian theater & events having collaborated with world-renowned companies whose works have spanned over 75 countries.


I have vast experience in music, dance, theater, film, large-scale events and corporate events. My unique blend of skills moves between the creative realms of design in lighting, projection, motion graphics, 3D animation, into the logistical mind of technical and project management.


In 2000 I went to Australia with the internationally renowned Philippe Genty Company and at the end of the world tour I decided to established my career in Sydney.


  - In Australia, I continued to create my style of work.

It is my great pleasure to embrace the opportunities to innovate creatively as technology evolves, experimenting and playing with new ideas.

I recently relocated to the USA basing my self in

Las Vegas.






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