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Published On: November 18, 2013


"...Senior designer Sydney Bouaniche burns the midnight oil by putting the finishing touches to the lighting design.The Electric Canvas team of five designers have spend over 1000 hours in 2D and 3D modeling programs to create the final animations that will be projected onto Customs House".


Real Time

"...The patternings of images and their tonal texturing are bracingly pleasurable, with Sydney Bouaniche’s swathes of light subtly transforming the space and in perfect balance with the projections."

Keith Gallash

The Electric Canvas

Sydney has been a lighting and projection designer working across the music, dance, theatre, film, and event disciplines for almost 25 years. He began his career in France and it was while touring with the Philippe Genty Company that he came to Australia. Sydney has been a guest lecturer at NIDA and Bathurst University. As part of our art department Sydney's technical knowledge and understanding of projection adds a layer of depth to his design approach and he brings a rich skills base to the team.


Kevin Jackson's Theater

The Bland Project

Directed by Alan Schacher.

"...Sydney Bouaniche’s Lighting Design is marvellous for its complexity and sheer skill in creating Beauty in and around all the Video needs. There is much to be admired here both aesthetically and pragmatically..."

Real Time

Issue #44 Aug-Sept 2001 pg. 32

Erin Brannigan's Review

"...On the screen above a survelliance camera caught Champion at the door of her apartment—trying to gain access to herself. Brigid Kitchen’s film and Sydney Bouaniche’s lighting gave About Face increasing cohesion. In scale and focus they struck the perfect balance between live and virtual bodies."


RealTime issue #44 Aug-Sept 2001 pg. 32

Sydney Morning Herald

Tenebrae 1

“...immaculate sylishness, in a genuinely innovative collaboration of austere strangeness.”
Peter McCallum 

Tenebrae 2

"...Although last year’s creation was a triumph of innovation, this year’s surpassed it for its unified cohesiveness. These performances provide the benchmark for artistic collaboration and deserve wide exposure.”
Peter McCallum

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